Getting to Work

I am ready to get to work to create a more vibrant, educated, safe, fed, housed Snohomish County! I have spent half my life in this region, the other half in Southeast Alaska, I am a mother, I have two daughters. I have worked in early childhood, higher education, elderly care, Federal and State Government, Social Service programs, public health, food and beverage industry, construction and commercial fishing industry. I know first hand small and large business practices, and how programs and policy impact all levels of society. I would love to see Snohomish county adjust to the growing population and meet and exceed it’s challenges with well functioning public utilities including rural broadband internet, and help a just transition to cleaner and more economical power sources. End toxic glyphosate spraying of timber and protect our watershed and recreational opportunities. Ensure our public health and safety programs systems are functioning as we transition to a vibrant economy and healthy community. Supporting small family agriculture is very important to shorten our supply chains and support working families.

Published by banditspringsbotanicals

Spreading positive photons on the universe, usually found near children & a great organic meal, food activist, chef, coach, herbal forager, foodie, administrative guru.

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